What types of memories come alive when residents participate in an individualized music focus group?

For the past month at Compass on the Bay, local musician, Doug Robinson has been creating individualized listening programs for each of the residents, based on their own favorite music, responses to songs and recollections. In addition, he encouraged residents with a musical past to play at his keyboard.

At the age of fourteen, Gloria Tyrol performed in a piano concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Hours of practice led to her playing Malaguena from Suite Andalucia by Ernesto Lecuona, with great composure and precision.

Now, more than sixty years later, she is a resident at Compass on the Bay, coping daily with memory loss associated with dementia. She is reluctant to play at the piano, perhaps fearing the loss of perfection in her original pieces.

However, with great pride, she played her own famous piece from Carnegie Hall in one of the recent Music Focus groups with Doug Robinson. Placing her fingers on the keys, the memories began to flow along with the music, as she shared her experience and recollections from her original concert.

At Senior Living Residences, innovative programming is measured in individual accomplishments. Re-playing an important concert, remembering your past and connecting with your own self with pride is a true measure of innovation.

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