Associate Testimonials

Helping older adults live better is rewarding. 

Senior Living Residences’ communities create the environment that allows our associates to fulfill their passion every day. 

“Working for a company that starts with valuing everyone in this building — that creates a safe, comfortable and respectful environment. You have employees that respect each other, employees that respect the residents. When the company says “we care about you” and holds associate appreciation events, they create such a rewarding environment. You feel cared about, wanted, and happy to come into work every day.”

Courntey Sott (pictured center)
EnrichedLIFE Director at Forestdale Park

“I was approached with the opportunity for Director of Compass Memory Support Programming at Standish Village when it came up, and when I came to the community and visited, I loved it. It seemed like a really supportive team, so that sealed the deal and made me excited to take the next step. I definitely find this work rewarding, the main reason being the residents. I just love making their days meaningful and watching them learn things and interact with each other, be social. I love being around them, learning from them, hearing their life stories. Every day is different and fun. I felt super supported while making the transition. It was definitely fast, and I was nervous going into it, but with all of the support from SLR and all the other Compass Program Directors that I’ve been able to meet with and shadow, it made me more comfortable taking it on.”

Ericka Foley (pictured center)
Director of Compass Memory Support Programming at Standish Village

“It is a great pleasure to be part of the team at Methuen Village. The residents and many others I’ve cared for have made me realize that there are unique ways to help one another. It has been a great experience for me through all the years that I’ve been employed as a CNA. I love what I do, and I wouldn’t change a thing!”

Melissa Alvarez (right)
Resident Care Assistant

With Methuen Village Since August 2017

“I started working at SLR right out of college, as the Administrative Assistant to the Home Office. After that, I went into programming at Compass on the Bay as the EnrichedLIFE Director and then the Director of Compass Memory Support Programming. From there, I really learned the values of the company and wanted to do more of a marketing role, so I transitioned into the Director of Community Relations at Standish Village. My ultimate goal since day one at the company was to be an Executive Director, and after serving as Assistant Executive Director at Standish, learning the ropes, I was recently promoted to Executive Director! I think it speaks to our “Right Value” of valuing our associates because from day one, I was asked what about my goals and what I wanted to accomplish. Since then, my managers and mentors have focused on my personal goals and made sure they provided the support, education, and tools I needed to succeed.”

Julie Platz
Executive Director at Standish Village

“We are family. Since I have been in the United States, this is the first place I feel like family. The residents like living here. The place is so clean, the way we take care of people, the dining room, the cinema, the activities. They are like home to me. I want to encourage them to keep living their best lives.”

Bellugi “Bella” Belcin
Resident Care Associate at Heights Crossing

“My grandfather, who is 99, is the love of my life! It’s because of him that I enjoy working with older adults. Standish Village is a positive, caring place; I fit right in here and love interacting with the residents.”

Malikah Brown
Receptionist, Standish Village

“I love everything about Nashoba Park! I really enjoy coming to work every day because I love the residents and the people I work with. Working here has helped me decide what I want to do for a profession. I have come to realize that I would like to continue my education and become a Certified Nursing Assistant and eventually work as a hospice nurse.”

Leigh Ann Bowden
Dining Associate at Nashoba Park

“I enjoy my co-workers and I love our residents. I think about my grandmother and grandfather when I am serving them. I choose to work at Standish Village because, quite simply, I love what I do.”

Server at Standish Village

“Working at Standish Village was my first job after emigrating to America and I never looked back! After 13 years here I still love it. I enjoy being with such a great group of people, and becoming an important part of residents’ lives. My job is to get to know the residents – what they like, what they don’t like, what their preferences are – so I can go the extra mile to provide the best care for them.”

Chantale Desrosiers
Resident Care Associate at Standish Village

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