Hear from Standish Village Residents & Families

A New Lease on Life

My Dad is about to celebrate his one year anniversary at Standish Village! I would like to reflect upon his experience over this last year. Literally his stay at the Standish Village Memory Care Unit has given him a new lease on life! He lived with myself and my family prior to his move and for the most part sat and watched TV all day in our living room.  He was subdued and appeared depressed.

At Standish Village he is very involved in the many activities in his unit. He finds meaning by this participation and also by assisting those residents less fortunate than himself. In addition he has found a new partner to share this life with and is happier than I have seen him in many years. Recently he was seen by his doctor and for the first time I can remember he replied “good” when asked how he was. Usually he would say a very unenthusiastic “okay”.

The staff at Standish Village are competent and caring. They work hard to care for this wonderful, but at times challenging, group of seniors. The staff are great at communicating with me about any issues that arise. I would like to express a special thank you to all the staff at Standish Village for their dedication and kindness.

– Karen, Daughter of Jack (Standish Resident)

Dianne’s Story

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Peace of mind

My family and I are so pleased with the changes that we have seen in our mother since she has been a resident at Standish Village. We feel that she is thriving physically and mentally due to all the wonderful activities that are offered at Standish. It also gives me peace of mind when we leave my mother to know how kind and attentive the Standish staff are who are working with her.

–Annmarie, Daughter of Standish Resident

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