The Cambridge Homes Independent and Assisted Living: A Distinguished 130-Year History

A trusted senior community for 130 years, the not-for-profit Cambridge Homes features 44 independent and assisted living apartments and offers residents a wide variety of cultural, educational, wellness and social programs. The Cambridge Homes is located in an historic Georgian-style building on Mount Auburn Street just a mile from Harvard Square and adjacent to Mount Auburn Hospital. This gracious community is a good choice for individuals who wish to enjoy the many benefits of city living but who also desire security, personalized services and companionship. The residents of The Cambridge Homes enjoy its relaxed ambiance, stimulating programs and top quality services. They lead independent lives yet enjoy the advantages of living in a caring community where everyone’s voice is heard. 

The Cambridge Homes has a rich tradition of service to local seniors. The not-for-profit organization was established in 1887 by a group of Cambridge citizens (including Alice Longfellow, the poet’s daughter) to create a residence for elderly men and women. The first "Home" was quickly outgrown and in 1898 our current building was built. It was opened the following year in a ceremony presided over by Charles William Eliot, president of Harvard University. As time passed an infirmary was added, and in 1997 we reopened as an assisted living residence following a complete renovation which modernized our building while preserving its historic charm and original architectural details.

The Cambridge Homes is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. Charitable contributions from individuals, families, corporations and foundations assist with The Home's mission to assist residents in need... LEARN MORE>>

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The Cambridge Homes Wins Excellence in Action Award

Our independent and assisted living community is recognized for the 5th consecutive year. Read More

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January Events

Come see the works of Haitian Artist Renold Laurent as part of our Grab Your Passport Program!

Exhibit runs January 6 - February 3  
Renold Laurent was born on July 15, 1978 in Source Bretoux, a village in the Marbial Valley—a few kilometers from the city of Jacmel, Haiti—into a family of painters. This small corner of the world could easily be considered unremarkable, except that it produced four of Haitian Art History’s most famous painters: Castera Basile, Wilmino Domond, Célestin Faustin, and Fritzner Lamour. Today, Source Bretoux remains one of only a few painter villages left in Haiti, and Renold is one of its first abstract painters. At the age of ten, Renold began to draw and paint under the direction of his father, Maccène Laurent. But he soon abandoned the naive painting of his beginnings to move towards a less stylized and more realistic form of representation. Currently he considers himself an abstract artist, because he views abstract painting as the most expressive means to explore the extraordinary power of the imagination.

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- Helene Quinn, Executive Director

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