Standish Village Receives Platinum LGBTQ Accreditation from SAGECare

Standish Village is excited to have reached the Platinum level of accreditation from SAGECare, an organization that educates service providers on LGBTQ Cultural Competency practices in order to promote understanding and inclusivity. It is estimated that there are currently around 3 million LGBTQ older adults in the U.S., and that number is expected to grow to around 7 million by 2030 (SAGECare)

Reaching the Platinum level from SAGECare means that at least 80% of Standish Village’s managers and frontline associates completed training modules about the variety of challenges that LGBTQ older adults face. Staff gained in-depth knowledge about the cultures, needs and concerns of LGBTQ older adults, their potential reluctance to access services, and best practices for fostering a community of acceptance and inclusivity. 

“We can’t wait to build on our commitment to inclusivity,” shares Standish Village’s Executive Director, Julie Williamson. “We want Standish Village to feel like home for everyone. By putting what we’ve learned into practice, we can make sure that all community members are empowered to celebrate their identities.” 

To learn more about SAGECare, visit their website at