Meet the Team at Heights Crossing Senior Living in Brockton

Staff Directory

Peter McConnell
Executive Director

Michelle Allwood
Director of Business Administration

Jeff Marterer
EnrichedLIFE Director

Reggie Whalen
Director of Compass Programming

Bras Teixeira
Director of Dining Experience

Matt Desrosiers
Director of Buildings & Grounds

Annmarie Tatelbaum
Resident Care Director

We asked our associates…

What skills does it take to be in your position?

“To be successful in a position like mine, you should be patient, kind, empathetic, be able to recall a million details and be organized. You also have to want to work with seniors; I am just drawn to elderly people! They are always on my radar, no matter where I am. If I’m at the restaurant, the supermarket, or at the beach.”

– Annmarie Tatelbaum, Resident Care Director

“Open communication with families, physicians, residents, associates & the community. Organization. Flexibility. Things change quickly in our Compass Neighborhood, and you must be able to change along with it. We work with many personalities and you must be able to relate and build trust with your team to create a secure, well developed program. A sense of humor!! Seniors are incredible to center your work around; they have so much to share and continue to teach me compassion, history, strength, dignity and offer me their friendship daily.”

– Reggie Whalen, Director of Compass Programming