Cornerstone at Milford’s Dementia Experience is an “Eye-Opener”

Jenn Hozempa, Cornerstone’s Director of Compass Memory Support Programming, shares helpful communication tips for people with memory loss.

BELLINGHAM, MA — Chances are you have interacted with someone who has dementia and may have felt the conversation was challenging for both you as well as that person. Interactions such as these are very frustrating, concerning and overwhelming for all involved. Michelle Hamilton and Jenn Hozempa from Cornerstone at Milford visited the Bellingham Senior Center on Friday, May 10th to provide an interactive Dementia Sensitivity Training which aimed to educate participants on Alzheimer’s and related dementia, how best to communicate with someone experiencing memory loss and the unique challenges faced by that individual. This was offered as part of Cornerstone’s Dementia Friendly Communities Initiative.

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