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Real Life Case Studies from Our Assisted Living Communities

Tara comparing assisted living costs

Tara’s Story: Surprise Fees

Comparing Assisted Living communities isn’t always apples to apples, especially since pricing structures can vary so much. While Senior Living Residences’ communities are committed to a well-defined, “No Surprises” pricing structure, other Assisted Living companies don’t have this same dedication. In Tara’s case, unpredictable pricing patterns and incomplete care prompted her to look for a better living situation  for her Mom and Dad. We are so glad she found Senior Living Residences. 

Harold aphasia language disorder senior living community

Harold’s Story: Aphasia Strategies

After a stroke left Harold with aphasia, a language disorder which affected his ability to speak, read and write and with his family concerned over his safety returning home alone, Harold made the move to a Senior Living Residences community. There, through SLR’s personalized care approach which included speech therapy and bringing in skilled nursing help through the local VNA, Harold had significant improvement in his ability to communicate again. 

Anne’s Story: Reconnections Reduces Dementia Symptoms

Anne’s family watched their mother’s mood grow increasingly negative and often agitated, stemming from the lack of care she was receiving at her senior community. After moving their mom to a Senior Living Residences’ Compass Memory Support Neighborhood®, Anne’s family witnessed her remarkable transformation due largely to a holistic approach to care and research-based programming promoting socialization and self expression.

Bob & Eileen’s Story: Financing with Vet Benefit & PACE

Like many adult children looking to help their elderly parents find the right senior living option, Jill was overwhelmed at the thought of covering the cost of assisted living. With parents Bob & Eileen having very little income— collecting social security and relying on a small pension, Jill wasn’t sure if assisted living was a feasible option. After meeting with the Executive Director of a nearby Senior Living Residences community, Jill and her parents found a financial program that helped to make their move a reality.

Mary’s Story: Redirection not Medication for Dementia

Mary who was diagnosed with dementia was displaying concerning behaviors at her current senior community. After being encouraged by staff to have mom’s behaviors treated through medication, Linda knew it was time to find a community that focused on a non-pharmacological approach to treating the symptoms of her mother’s dementia. She was happy to find the right fit with Senior Living Residences’ Compass Memory Support program.

Dr. Barker’s Story: From Rehab to Assisted Living

Dr. Edward Barker was dealing with complications due to his hydrocephalus diagnosis which left him with balance and memory issues. After a routine surgery resulting in a short-term rehab stay, Dr. Barker’s family knew he was no longer safe to return home alone. Instead, they were able to seamlessly transition their father into a fully-furnished apartment at a Senior Living Residences community through the respite program.

Lorraine’s Story: MCI Program Reduces Isolation & Anxiety

Living with the early stages of dementia, Lorraine was feeling “lost in the crowd” in the traditional assisted living setting. Unable to keep up with conversation with fellow residents and having a hard time following along with group programming, Lorraine needed a sense of belonging and a boost in confidence. When her family found out about a new custom-tailored program for those with MCI/early dementia called ConnectedLIFE, they enrolled their mom right away.

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