Meet the Nashoba Park Assisted Living Team

Staff Directory

Jason Morrissey
Interim Executive Director

Kathy Davidson
Resident Care Director

Brian Keefe
Director of Dining Experience

Barbara Fairweather
Lead Community Relations Associate

Gabe Gennari
Social Worker

We asked associates…

What do you like about working at Nashoba Park?

“The team here at Nashoba Park is a team, a family, it’s not just a job to them. The residents have become a part of their family. Everyone here cares about each other and giving our residents the best quality of life.”

– Jason Morrissey, Interim Executive Director

“I like it here because everyone is super sweet, cheerful, and has a smile on their face.”

– Barbara Fairweather, Lead Community Relations Associate

“The community feels like a family. Getting to know the residents is an honor and privilege. They all have stories to share and tell.”

– Gabe Gennari, Social Worker

“I’m doing what I love for the people that I love. I get the best of both worlds.”

– Deb Sokolowski, Sous Chef

“I grew up here. My mom was a Resident care Associate here. Nashoba Park has been like a second home to me. All the departments have really good staff, and we all get along.”

– Shelby Thomas, Dining Associate

“That’s easy. The residents. What keeps me coming back are the residents. I love what I do because I have the heart for it. Also, working with the staff, the team here, the resident care associates are wonderful. The care they provide is way beyond the required.”

– Helen Osagie, Wellness Nurse

“The residents, they all have different personalities and I enjoy interacting with them.”

– Melissa Spinelli, Community Relations Associate

“The Camaraderie between the kitchen staff. Through thick and thin, we get through it together and we provide the best possible service to the residents.”

– Bernie Watson, Cook

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