Nashoba Park is Getting a Facelift

You may have heard that Nashoba Park is making some exciting changes! To prepare for future service to the Nashoba Valley community, we have updated our existing 15-year-old building. Here is a preview of some of the changes to look out for in the upgraded Nashoba Park:

  • New Junction Lounge and updates to other common areas
  • Replacing carpets on first floor
  • New furnishings in Entryway, Lobby, and Living Room
  • New paint and accent wallpaper
  • Updated upholstery fabrics and accessories
  • New & updated light fixtures
  • Incorporating contemporary design elements based on our building site’s history as a major railroad junction

Want to learn more about Nashoba Park?

We are welcoming new residents and are available to speak with anyone who wants to learn more about our community.

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