Meet the Standish Village at Lower Mills Team

Staff Directory

Julie Williamson
Executive Director

Arielle Tavares
Director of Community Relations

Nina Tsinidis
Director of Business Administration

Jessi Ruiz
Resident Care Director

Bryan Donovan
EnrichedLIFE Director

Joe Cawley
Director of Compass Programming

Jason Fitch
Director of Dining Experience

Michael Nelson
Director of Building & Grounds

We asked associates…

What is your favorite program that residents can take part in?

“My favorite program residents take part in is our Discovery Series! Residents will bring their own knowledge into the program, whether they teach their peers a new language, show pictures from a trip they went on, or educate on a topic they studied throughout their life. It truly is a learning experience for everyone involved.”

– Julie Williamson, Executive Director

“Our Lifetime Achievement Ceremony! It is so great to see families and friends beam with pride as their loved one is publicly credited for all they have done through the years.”

– Isabel Pires, Director of Business Administration

“Grab your passport! It is so great to appreciate different cultures and countries with each other!”

– Jessi Ruiz, Resident Care Director

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