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Beth Cardillo
Executive Director

Julie Waniewski
Director of Community Relations

Catherine Federici
Assistant Executive Director

Crissy Burnett
Resident Care Director

Rebecca Fondakowski
EnrichedLIFE Director

Kathleen McEwan
Director of Compass Programming

Susan O'Donnell
ConnectedLIFE Program Specialist

Christopher Marsh
Director of Dining Experience

Pedro Rodriguez
Director of Building & Grounds

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We asked associates...

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

"I love helping families solve problems especially when we can get all the pieces to work together."

- Beth Cardillo, Executive Director

"Helping others! Whether it is a form to help a co-worker, explaining benefits to an associate, relieving the stress of a family member by reviewing their bills with them or asking how mom/dad is doing or helping a resident understand their bill or just asking them how their day is so far, brings me such pleasure. The smiles of appreciation that I get are the most rewarding part of my job!"

- Catherine Federici, Assistant Executive Director

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"Meeting new people and teaching them about what Armbrook Village has to offer in order to help families find a new home for their loved ones."

- Julie Waniewski, Director of Community Relations

"The most rewarding part of my job is creating programming that is different and that will spark joy in the residents lives. I love it when a resident comes to a program that they have never been before but ends up loving it and coming every week. I also love teaching the residents something new or having them learn something new so that they are always continuously learning even though they are older individuals. I like to stress the point that you are never too old to learn something new."

- Rebecca Fondakowski, EnrichedLIFE Director

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"Seeing a resident blossom who was previously retreating into a shell because of Mild Cognitive Impairment."

- Susan O’Donnell, Compass ConnectedLIFE Program Specialist

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"The most rewarding part of my job is being able to make a difference in people's lives. That comes not only in working with our residents but our families, coworkers and the greater Community. When I am able to calm/comfort a resident who is afraid or bring joy to their day with a smile, hug or song. Counseling a family about the changes they are seeing in their loved one and being able to assure them it's going to be ok. Seeing residents interact with one another in a positive, kind manner brings such joy to my heart. Helping out in the Community and teaching people about what is and isn't Alzheimer's. I know I'm rambling but there is so much that makes my job rewarding it's hard to boil it down to a few short words."

- Kathleen McEwen, Director of Compass Programming

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"I love to come to work every day and leave knowing that something I did may have made a difference in someone's life. Feeling that I was able to succeed at something or learn something new. But what makes my job most rewarding is when I can get to know my residents on a personal level and watching them smile and laugh. Knowing that the residents are enjoying a good quality of life each and every day!"

- Crissy Burnett, Resident Care Director

"I enjoy interacting with our residents on a daily basis. It really gives you a feeling of how we are such an important part of their lives and community. It also allows us to learn about our residents & families and what they have seen and done in their lives."

- Chris Marsh, Director of Dining Experience

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