The Cambridge Homes 2022-23 Annual Appeal

Dear Member of the Cambridge Homes Community:

The Cambridge Homes celebrated its 135th Birthday in September. Ever since our founding in 1887, our mission has not wavered:  to create a stimulating and affordable home-like setting for elders in the Cambridge community. Our ability to do so entirely depends on the commitment of our generous donors, executive director and the staff, particularly in these times of financial uncertainty and a persistent pandemic.    

The Cambridge Homes subsidizes between 12 and 15 of our residents every year. In FY2022 financial aid totaled $841,401, for instance.  As long as our residents are medically appropriate for an assisted living facility, they never have to leave The Cambridge Homes, regardless of their personal finances.

The range of programs and activities offered to our residents at The Homes – averaging 5 a day, seven days a week, every week of the year – is one indication of how tirelessly focused our executive director and her staff are on creating a stimulating environment for our residents. That the average age of our residents is 87, that three have been residents of The Homes for over 20 years and that two of our residents are over 100 is evidence that their efforts are successful.  

We have a team of highly committed caregiving staff. For instance, during the early
stages of the pandemic they willingly worked extra hours to ensure that The Homes would not have to rely on agency staff who would be unaware of the individual needs of each of their resident. The Board and Senior Living Residences are acutely aware how skilled and devoted staff are essential to creating a vital community and we compensate The Homes staff accordingly.

The time spent by the Friends of The Cambridge Homes, a group of generous local volunteers who regularly participate in The Homes’ social activities and programs such as play reading, is another contributor to the distinctive nature of our facility. It is with the assistance of Friends that our residents stay connected with the world beyond 360 Mt. Auburn Street.    

Your donation will directly aid in sustaining this great community of Cambridge elders. I am immensely proud of our community at 360 Mt. Auburn Street. The Cambridge Homes is an exemplary organization, and I hope I have convinced you, one worthy of your support.

With many thanks,

Arch Horst
President of the Board
The Cambridge Homes

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