Stories from The Cambridge Homes Residents

“While you might remember me from last summer, I feel sure you will remember my uncle, Max, who stayed for five weeks at The Cambridge Homes in late July through early September, while he was waiting for his new assisted living place to open.

I’d like to discuss the possibility of Max moving back to The Cambridge Homes. The place where he is is “fine” and a very beautiful building and facilities, and it is very near me and my husband — but over the weekend Uncle Max confessed to me that after six months, he just doesn’t like it or feel like it is his home. He also feels little confidence in their people. I too have long had doubts.

By contrast, at The Cambridge Homes, at the end of his five weeks there, Max turned to me and said simply, “I’ll miss it here. It has been home.” For him, this is absolute gushing. He just felt safe and cared for, and from his first days there, something about the place said home. He also feels great trust in all your staff. “It’s well run,” he said, when we had a long talk this past weekend. He remembers Linda Powell with admiration and trust.

I felt great trust too–upon first meeting you, in fact. I see the difference even more, now that I have experience with this other place. I would love to move him back to The Cambridge Homes where he would be happy instead of stoical, and feel well taken-care-of again.

–Nancy Werlin, (Melrose, MA) Niece of Max Romotsky

“I like all of the activities… With play reading each person has a different part and that’s a lot of fun…”

–Don Wetmore, Resident

“They (The Cambridge Homes’ staff) were always very good to me, I felt that everyone was interested in my getting to feel better…”

–Dr. Leo Beranek, short -term Resident