Trained as a journalist, Joe Wallace has been a portrait photographer and storyteller for 20 years. Like many, Joe has a deeply personal connection with dementia: his maternal grandfather and hero, Joe Jenkins, had Alzheimer’s and his maternal grandmother, Elizabeth Ponder (Bebe), had vascular dementia. And in recent years, his mother Barbara, seen here, has begun her journey with the disease.

Joe will share with us the story of his book and traveling exhibit, Portraits of Dementia, created to destigmatize those living with dementia. To use empathy as a means for connection and understanding. To tell a more complex and complete story of those living with the disease and its effect on their families and loved ones. To give the audience courage to act in ways large and small, you must show the whole story—the fear, loss and despair, but also the love, connection, dignity and powerful humanity that always remains—in the subjects, in the care partners, and in the families and communities.

Space is limited, please reach out to the community if you are interested in attending.