Concord Park Brings “Brain Healthy Cooking for One” to Lexington COA

Misty Heldermon, Director of Dining Experience, and Maryellen King, Director of Community Relations

LEXINGTON, MA — Many seniors who are living alone may struggle to regularly prepare balanced and healthy meals and to locate organic or expensive ingredients that make up a healthful diet. In an effort to combat this, Concord Park Senior Living brings their presentation titled “Brain Healthy Cooking for One” to local senior centers, showing participants how to cook brain healthy meals for one or two people, how to find brain healthy ingredients at the grocery store and get creative with leftovers. 

There is no question that eating a healthy diet rich in brain healthy foods can benefit people at any age — it reduces inflammation, regulates blood sugar, promotes heart health and can have a profound effect on delaying the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.Concord Park’s Director of Community Relations, Maryellen King, and Director of Dining Experience, Misty Heldermon, presented Brain Healthy Cooking for One to 32 seniors at the Lexington Council on Aging. The educational program, which served as a follow-up to Concord Park’s previous presentation titled Boost Your Brain Health by Eating Well, was accompanied by a live cooking demonstration and attendees got to sample brain healthy salmon cakes, arugula salad with chickpeas and a healthy spin on chocolate mousse. Participants went home with a weekly shopping list and cookbook to help them prepare their own healthy and affordable meals.