Concord Park Partners with Mass Save to Implement Environmentally Friendly Energy Systems

CONCORD, MA— Concord Park Senior Living has recently made some environmentally conscious changes to their energy use and conservation. Amid a major renovation project to their building, the assisted living community had an opportunity to make some other changes to help conserve energy.

In the fall of 2022, Concord Park partnered with Mass Save to assess the energy efficiency of the building and reduce the community’s carbon footprint. Throughout the project, Concord Park converted their energy system from natural gas heating to heat pumps. Heat pumps are environmentally friendly and affordable, and they have a higher endurance than other heating and cooling systems. In the winter, they extract heat from the air or underground to keep buildings warm, then pump heat out in the summer. 

Concord Park is one of the first businesses of its kind to install heat pumps in a commercial building in Concord, a welcomed change that will hopefully inspire other businesses to follow suit. Concord Municipal Light Plant (CMLP) offers several rebate programs for businesses who are looking into energy conservation measures. Concord Park was thrilled to participate in this program.

“It’s important to us to strengthen our relationship with the natural environment and do our part to protect the beautiful ecosystems of Concord,” said Concord Park Executive Director Natasha Heimrath. “Concord Park has always been committed to innovation, it’s part of the fabric of our company. Choosing to participate in a cutting-edge program like this, one that can both improve quality of life for our residents and also have a positive impact on our environment, just made perfect sense.”

Concord Park residents, families and staff are excited about the steps the senior community is taking to help reduce their carbon footprint, and they look forward to investigating additional environmentally friendly practices in the future.