Testimonials from Cornerstone at Hampton

“I feel at home here.”

I would say that I feel very much at home here, the staff is certainly as cooperative and helpful as they can be! Everything has been to make me satisfied and feel at home here!

– Barbara, Resident

“Above and beyond”

It’s really like an extended family here. I feel very safe here, I feel like for this time of my life it is a great place to be. And when I came here, I could live on my own and I am very comfortable here. And what Cornerstone did for my wife, Ann, was above and beyond.

– William, Resident

“We are so grateful.”

Cornerstone has exceeded all of our expectations and our parent has transitioned so well to living in this beautiful assisted environment. We are so grateful that they are in this safe and caring environment and they feel right at home with an adequate amount of privacy, care and the stimulation of new friendships. I wish every elderly adult had such a nurturing and dignified environment. It is a lovely, friendly place for residents and also to their families.

– Cornerstone Family Member

“Respected, free and safe.”

I often tell people my mom lives at “a resort” but this just speaks to the appealing environment and top-notch everything at Cornerstone. But what is truly “best” is the well-trained and happy staff, who interact with us personally, professionally and creatively. They see our humanity and try to do their best to help us at all times. It is a very inviting and healthy community. My mom feels respected, free, and safe.

– Julie, Daughter

“The service is outstanding.”

Cornerstone in Hampton is a wonderful place. Each and every member of the staff are caring and loving people. The food is delicious and healthy. The service they provide is outstanding. While my Dad was there on a short-term stay they had greatly improved his overall health and spirit. My family and I very thankful for all they have done.

– Jim, Son

“I would like to sincerely thank you for this impactful training.”

On behalf of the men and women at the Amesbury Police Department I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for the training that you and your team provided members of my department. This training was on how to better understand and accommodate those suffering from Dementia. Not only did this valuable training help my officers better understand that Dementia is a term used to better describe the symptoms of a larger group of illnesses, which cause a progressive decline in a person’s cognitive functioning, but it helped us identify the many signs of Dementia. Interestingly, these same signs can give false indicators of non-compliance to law Enforcement Officers which could have devastating results for someone suffering from Dementia.

The most impressive piece of your training was that not only did you present a problem, which included potentially drawing improper conclusions, but you provided us with valuable tools that can help Police Officers better identify and respond to patients with Dementia. Your hands on training including having officers get a very real feel for what it is like to be suffering from Dementia, both physically and mentally. Once we understood it was much easier for us to realize that a non-traditional law enforcement approach may be needed to help. This could include watching the tone of our volce, choosing our words more carefully and assisting but not taking over.

Once again on behalf of the men and women of the Amesbury Police department, I would like to sincerely thank you for this two-hour block of impactful training. I can say with a strong degree of confidence that this training will not only help my Officers, but more importantly help patients that are dealing with the larger group of illnesses that can cause Dementia.

– William Scholtz, Amesbury Chief of Police

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