Meet the Cornerstone at Hampton Team

Staff Directory

Katrina June
Executive Director

Olivia Korpi
Director of Community Relations

Carrie Nickerson
Move-in Coordinator

Robyn Outcalt
EnrichedLIFE Director

Patricia Corso
Director of Compass Programming

Tara Wade
Resident Care Director

Jean Foster-Spillane
Director of Dining Experience

Catherine Laflamme
Director of Business Administration

Mladen Vinorvski
Director of Building & Grounds

We asked our associates…

What Right Value do you resonate with the most?

“Without our associates, we truly have nothing to give, which is why Valued Associates is the Right Value that resonates and inspires me the most. When you commit to your associates, they commit in return! At that point taking care of our residents and ensuring the highest quality of life possible becomes a much easier task to accomplish. Rarely do I see companies who dedicate themselves to associate culture the way SLR does. I’m honored to cultivate the SLR Right values in our community.”

– Katrina June, Executive Director

“The right value that resonates with me most would have to be Integrity. To work for a company that means what they say and stands by their word, is for me extremely hard to find in individuals let alone a company. What comes along with integrity is respect for oneself and for others. SLR’s integrity makes me proud to be a part of this community.

– Tara Wade, Resident Care Director

“The Right Value that resonates with me the most is Valued Associates!  This is the first job that I’ve had where I truly feel valued and happy to come to every day.  This company and building go out of their way to make sure that we love our jobs, feel appreciated, and that we’re having fun while we do it.  I honestly can’t say enough good things about my experience and the opportunities I’ve been given to grow within the company.”

– Carrie Nickerson, Move-in Coordinator

My choice out of the 5 Right Values is Resident Quality of Life. I am so proud to work for a company that truly puts the residents first. Every decision made, both at the home office and community level is based on the needs, goals and preferences of the residents. It’s one of the many reasons I moved my dad into Cornerstone when my mom passed away in 2019. I knew he needed to find a new beginning and home. He has found these things and much more. Cornerstone is truly his home. He loves living here. He feels happy, loved and cared for. His circle of friends has expanded to include both residents and staff. As his daughter, Cornerstone at Hampton is truly a blessing.

– Patricia Corso, Director of Compass Programming

“Easy! I choose Integrity. It is important to always choose to do what is right versus what is convenient.”

Jean Foster-Spillane, Director of Dining Experience