Emily Lane
Executive Director

Karen Irvine
Director of Business Administration

Jodi Grosberg
Move-in Coordinator

Brooke Bacigalupo
EnrichedLIFE Director

Kristen Haire
Director of Compass Programming

Maureen Flannery
Director of Dining Experience

Halliday Andrade
Director of Building & Grounds

We asked associates…

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I have always found it to be a privilege to be let into people’s lives and be able to help them in a meaningful way. For me, the most rewarding part of my job is to be able to witness our residents succeed due to the help that they now have in place at Neville Place Assisted Living. I feel so much joy when our residents live their lives to the fullest, whatever that means to them.

– Emily Lane, Executive Director

I have been here for 19 years and it is a joy to see the residents every day and get to know their families as well.

– Karen Irvine, Director of Business Administration

“First I would say, to serve a healthy and satisfying meal. Mealtime is a very important social activity and it happens three times a day. Residents come and visit with each other, make new friends, comfort friends when necessary and are just able to relax and feel comfortable. The dining department helps our residents feel special, anticipating their every need from the meals we serve to the beautiful dining experience they have. They leave with a smile and the feeling that they are so very special. To see this is the most rewarding part of my job as it is teamwork that makes it all happen.

– Maureen Flannery, Director of Dining Experience