Forestdale Park Celebrates Community Ambassadors

When a new resident moves into Forestdale Park, they’re welcomed with a full calendar of social events and lunch dates with new friends. That’s all thanks to the community’s fifteen volunteer resident ambassadors, who take turns greeting new residents and sharing meals with them to help make sure everyone feels at home in the Assisted Living and Compass Memory Support community.

The ambassador program, which was started last year, has grown from a few friendly faces to a full team of volunteers who find joy in showing new residents around the community, walking with them to programs and activities, and joining them for lunch or dinner in the community’s restaurant-style dining room. For many of the ambassadors, they were motivated to join the program after moving in and seeing how helpful the program is first-hand.

To recognize the commitment and kindness of their resident ambassadors, Forestdale Park recently threw a special luncheon for all fifteen ambassadors, presenting them with official badges that they can wear around the community at a catered lunch. For the Forestdale Park team, it was a way to say thank you and show their appreciation for such a vital role.

“We are truly fortunate to have so many gracious, welcoming residents who live here at Forestdale Park and want to take time to make new friends feel at home here,” said Forestdale Park Executive Director Terri Guenard. “Moving into a new home can feel overwhelming, but having someone to eat lunch with and go on a van trip with can make all the difference in feeling welcome and having a positive experience. We are grateful for our ambassadors every day.”