Compass on the Bay Awarded Purple Flag for Dementia Care™ Accreditation

Pictured from left to right: Boston City Councillor Mike Flaherty; Christopher Carter, President of Connecticut Assisted Living Association (CALA); Tadd Clelland, President and CEO of Senior Living Residences; Caity Burke, Executive Director at Compass on the Bay; and State Senator Nick Collins

Compass on the Bay has earned the Purple Flag for Dementia Care™ accreditation.

Purple Flag for Dementia Care™ standards assess an organization’s ability to provide collaborative care in a safe, functional, and respectful environment to help ensure not only quality of care but the quality of life. Accredited communities have demonstrated adherence to 60 standards of care and extensive training practices for the care of individuals living with dementia, and have embraced and implemented a person-centered care plan for all residents. 

The community held a flag raising ceremony on April 27, 2023 to commemorate the achievement. In attendance were State Senator Nick Collins and Boston City Councilor Mike Flaherty, Tadd Clelland, President & CEO of Senior Living Residences (SLR) and Christopher Carter, President of Connecticut Assisted Living Association (CALA) as well as the community’s staff, residents, family members, and local eldercare professionals.

“We’re proud to have Compass on the Bay fly the Purple Flag for Dementia Care™ at their community,” said Carter. “Compass is a senior living provider who has demonstrated great leadership not only in the area of memory care, but also in the field of senior living more broadly.”

“We’re very proud of Compass. It’s a great place for the residents and families to be able to continue to be connected with great service. And the standard of excellence that they’re continuing to provide makes us very proud. This designation, and flying this flag, is going to represent that. When we drive by, we’re going to be thinking about that.” said Senator Collins at the ceremony. “It also reminds us how much more we need to do to support this field.”

Senator Collins read from an official citation which he presented to Caity Burke, Executive Director of Compass on the Bay. “The Massachusetts Senate hereby extends its congratulations to Compass on the Bay in recognition of your receiving the Purple Flag for Dementia CareTM accreditation for services provided to South Boston’s senior community and for your care for those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.”

Tadd Clelland, Chris Carter, and the Compass on the Bay team proudly display their Purple Flag

“It’s an honor to be here on behalf of my colleagues in government.” said Councilman Flaherty who also presented Burke with a citation on behalf of Mayor Michelle Wu and City Hall. “I can attest that this award is legit. This is a legit award because I’ve seen firsthand the great care that you provide for my Dad.”

“The folks that are doing the real work, they’re here in front of us and behind us,” Flaherty continued. “Elected officials get to come and recognize folks and take pictures, but it’s the people that work in this building day in and day out, take great care of our loved ones… I couldn’t be more proud of this establishment being in our community here in South Boston.”

“Personally, I am so proud that Compass is not only a Purple Flag-accredited community but the first one in the state of Massachusetts,” said Burke. “The Purple Flag accreditation, like our own Right Values Mission, is not just a recognition of the outstanding work we have been doing in our community, but it is also a promise to continue going above and beyond for our residents and ensuring they have the best quality of life. I want to thank my team. It is their dedication to bettering the lives of Compass on the Bay’s wonderful residents that we are really celebrating today.”

“For Compass on the Bay to be accredited with the Purple Flag is a great honor,” said Clelland. “During the accreditation process, it became clear rather quickly that our values are aligned. Through [Purple Flag’s] endeavors to create an accreditation for memory care programs, you have raised the bar for an entire industry.”Compass on the Bay is the 8th organization to receive a Purple Flag accreditation, the first provider in the state of Massachusetts.