Amazing Stories from Heights Crossing Families

“I feel so happy and comfortable here.”

“I originally lived at Heights Crossing with my husband. When he unfortunately passed away, I didn’t feel comfortable staying in our apartment alone, so I moved to a different senior community. Within weeks, I realized that Heights was my true home and actually moved back. I feel so happy and comfortable here. The staff, especially the nurses, are wonderful and encourage me to challenge myself. The dining room is the best place to get to know everyone. I feel lucky to live in a place that helps me keep my independence.”

– Judy Klamkin, Resident

Heights Happy Families

 “My dad told me that he is fortunate to live in such a nice place and (of course) he loves the food! You are all commended for your patience and tolerance.”  – Richard, Son of Peter

 “Reaching out to each resident in friendship and concern is our trademark.”  – Sue, Staff Member

“I love living at Heights Crossing and I look forward to waking up every morning and spending time with my friends.”  – Sandy, Resident

 “My aunt enjoyed living at heights from day one…that has been due to the friendly and kind atmosphere that your staff has fostered.”  – Sue, Niece of Helen

“My father became his old self – his sense of humor is back, he’s socializing more, he goes on trips with Jeff, gets books on tape from the library. I can’t thank you enough.” – Kathleen, Daughter of Raymond

“Mealtime here is like going out to eat with my best friends at a fancy restaurant – linens, nice waiters, the whole deal! They have lots of choices at every meal and the chef really aims to please with any request I have.” – Elizabeth, Resident

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