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Tracy Valletti
Executive Director

Beth Haydon
Director of Community Relations

Karyn Mahoney
Director of Business Administration

Joan MacLauchlan
Resident Care Director

Rachel Gamache
EnrichedLIFE Director

Kristen LaBrie
Director of Compass Programming

Misty Heldermon
Director of Dining Experience

John Oliveira
Director of Building & Grounds

We asked our associates...

What do you value most about Methuen Village's culture and vision?

"Our residents quality of life is our #1 priority and we understand that for some this is a quick transition and others moving can take a long time. My favorite philosophy of how we care is believing that no matter the cognitive impairment our residents can enjoy learning and be life-long learners."

- Beth Haydon

SLR 054

"I love the EnrichedLIFE programming for our residents! There is always something fun going on at Methuen Village. Whether it be musical entertainment, trivia, crafts or passport 'travel', there is a constant flurry of positive energy all around."

- Karyn Mahoney, Director of Business Administration

"Simply put, Senior Living Residences always does the right thing. Even if it isn't the easiest, what needs to be done is always done the right way. Methuen Village has a culture that is made up of just the right combination of teamwork, drive and fun, and that alone makes coming to work each day enjoyable."

- Kristen LaBrie, Director of Compass Programming


"That we are here to help people live better lives. Many places have missions, but in many companies, a mission statement is just a slogan. Here, we have values that we live by because it is what is right, and we are always reminded of why we do what we do, which is to help people to remain as independent as possible, so they can enjoy their lives, no matter what their current situation is."

- Misty Henderson, Director of Dining Experience

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