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Student Internships

We believe in the advancement of knowledge, research and education. One of the ways we fulfill this mission is to sponsor, support and guide student interns.  

We offer a wide variety of internship opportunities:

  • Art therapy, music therapy, occupational therapy
  • Social work, gerontology 
  • Activities programming for assisted living and memory care
  • Business administration, sales and marketing

Intern with SLR through our field placement program!

  • We offer both paid and unpaid internships
  • Create a schedule that works for you
  • Work at the community of your choice in CT, MA or NH
  • Intern during the academic year or summer
  • Receive course credit

Contact us at to learn more about our student field placement program!

Studies have shown that intergenerational programming greatly benefits seniors, but those same benefits extend to our student interns who form meaningful connections with residents during their field placement. Internships also open up a pathway for future employment in senior living by allowing students to gain hands-on knowledge and experience in their field before graduating.

Climb the Ranks with SLR

“I interned with Cornerstone at Canton and SLR for 1 ½ years. It is a fantastic company and a great place to work. SLR helped me develop into the person I am today and launched my career.

I highly recommend interning at SLR if you are interested in the senior living industry. Every employee and every intern is treated with dignity and respect. Focusing on seniors and their quality of life is SLR’s mission. I have met so many hardworking and passionate people here with one goal: making residents happy. These values are instilled throughout the company.”

– Paul Fuller, Former Intern and current Sales Specialist

“I interned with SLR for 10 months and my coworkers made a difference at this company. They made me feel that my input mattered, and my output was impactful. The senior leadership was amazing, access to them and their feedback was so motivating. SLR helped me develop the experience and confidence I need to tackle any role and/or project that comes across my desk. Employee engagement is contagious and everyone is treated with respect. I have met so many amazing and passionate people with the goal of hiring, training, and coaching employees to make senior living an experience that brings joy to the family and the resident. I highly recommend interning with SLR.” 

– Isabella Nerney, former Intern and current Compliance and Workforce Coordinator at SLR