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SLR is known for hiring, training and mentoring the best and the brightest in assisted living and senior care. Meet some of the people who make SLR a great place to work.

We asked our Caregivers & Nurses

What do you like most about your job?

Cornerstone is truely my career home, I’ve worked at other places before and when I got here I felt good because of the team we have in place. I feel truely appriciated. The leadership, the family, phone calls, comments, letters that come in and most importantly the residents. The residents touch my heart the most.

– Sophia Nyokabi, Resident Care Associate (CNA)

Heights Crossing is like my second home. I’ve been here since the building opened. It feels right to be here. Also, I appreciate the staff; they do an amazing job! And it can be quite challenging.

– Annmarie Tatelbaum, Resident Care Director

We asked our Dining Team

What makes you want to come to work every day?

“I enjoy interacting with our residents on a daily basis. It really gives you a feeling of how we are such an important part of their lives and community. It also allows us to learn about our residents and families and what they have seen and done in their lives.”

– Chris Marsh, Director of Dining Experience

“The camaraderie between the kitchen staff. Through thick and thin, we get through it together and we provide the best possible service to the residents.”

– Bernie Watson, Cook

We asked our Programming Team

What is your favorite program?

“Discovery Learning Classes. We have studied so many different topics, and used technology to do amazing things- like taking a virtual tour of the Palace of Versailles! I enjoy teaching those classes because there is no end to what we can explore together. We use PBS, Google Arts & Culture, and many other sources to broaden our horizons. For instance, we don’t just learn about Norman Rockwell – we can actually go virtually to the Norman Rockwell Museum!”

– Lauren Basler, EnrichedLIFE Director

“Personally, I love discussion groups because that’s when you find little nuggets of personal stories that just don’t come up during interviews. Starting a discussion and then sitting back as a group of residents carry on and shape where the conversation is going (with very little further input from me) is one of my daily joys.

– Denise Thorud, Director of Compass Programming

We asked our Managers

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

“I love helping families solve problems especially when we can get all the pieces to work together.”

– Beth Cardillo, Executive Director

“Helping others! Whether it is a form to help a co-worker, explaining benefits to an associate, relieving the stress of a family member by reviewing their bills with them or asking how mom/dad is doing or helping a resident understand their bill or just asking them how their day is so far, brings me such pleasure. The smiles of appreciation that I get are the most rewarding part of my job!”

– Catherine Federici, Assistant Executive Director

We asked our Maintenance Team

How do you enhance resident’s lives?

“When I walk around our community and see how my team and I provide our residents with a building that is comfortable, clean and safe for them to live in, especially throughout the challenges of COVID 19. It feels so nice when I get a  thank you from a resident or family member. That’s when I know we are really making a difference.”

– Jim Moynihan, Director of Building & Grounds

“Working with the residents and having those relationships is an incredible experience. I even had the opportunity to start a course called Memory, Story and Meaning. We would have residents and students together and just by talking and asking questions you see the two generations celebrate the memories of the lives that our residents have had, which is just extraordinary.”

– K.C. Potts, Maintenance Associate