Student Internships & Research Programs

Student Internships & Research Programs

We believe in the advancement of knowledge, research and education. We therefore sponsor, support and guide a number of student interns each year in the disciplines of art therapy, social work, gerontology and occupational therapy through our field placement program.

Studies have shown that intergenerational programming greatly benefits seniors, but those same benefits extend to our student interns who form meaningful connections with residents during their field placement. Internships also open up a pathway for future employment in senior living by allowing students to gain hands-on knowledge and experience in their field before graduating.

Our placements offer students the ability to create a schedule that works for them at the community of their choice. We offer internships throughout the academic year, as well as during the summer, with the option to receive course credit. Senior Living Residences offers both paid and unpaid internships. For more information on our student field placement program, please contact us at You can also view all of our current internship offerings here.

Interested in learning more? Hear from some of our previous interns about why their experience with Senior Living Residences was so impactful. 

“After interning with Cornerstone at Canton and Senior Living Residences for 1.5 years, I can honestly say it is a fantastic company and place to work. This organization and community has helped me develop into the person I am today.

Focusing on the residents themselves and their quality of life is truly their mission. I was able to see day in and day out how many hardworking and passionate people went into work with one goal: making residents happy. These values are instilled in the company as a whole. From the President to front line staff, every employee is heard and valued with dignity and respect.

My grandmother came here after hospitalization and stayed on the respite program for a few weeks. It allowed her to regroup physically and emotionally and it was the best decision she could have made. She met many new people and won’t stop talking about how great Cornerstone at Canton is! I am extremely blessed to have been given the opportunity to work for such a great company and highly recommend interning with Senior Living Residences to anyone.”

Paul Fuller, Director of Community Relations at Cornerstone at Canton and Former Intern