How Do You Know If It’s Time For Memory Care?

Many families want to care for their Mom or Dad with memory loss, Alzheimer’s or related dementia at home assuming that staying in a familiar environment is the best option. Yet people with cognitive impairments need constant companionship, structured activities throughout the day, and personal care and programming techniques based on research, to thrive.

It’s not just because we are in this business that we advocate for families to consider a residential treatment program. It’s because we believe in it – we have seen the beneficial impact of our memory support treatment programs for individuals with all stages of memory loss – from Mild Cognitive Impairment to diagnosed Alzheimer’s – over and over again.

Having Tough Family Conversations

We know that concerns about a parent’s memory loss is a very difficult topic to broach and that your Mom or Dad might simply deny any problems or refuse to discuss the situation. Siblings often differ about whether there is a problem and that can complicate matters, too. Keep trying to have the conversation about memory support if you feel it’s time to make a move.

Do your research and compare the options – we believe that the Assisted Living environment is optimal for individuals with memory loss, providing a secure, comfortable place to call home with programming that actually treats the symptoms of cognitive impairment and an array of supportive services and care, giving YOU peace of mind.

Before You Schedule a Tour

If you do decide to tour a Memory Support Assisted Living community, be sure to read these!

Is Your Parent Ready For Memory Support Assisted Living?

If you answer “yes” to four or more of these questions, it may be time for Memory Care in an Assisted Living environment.

Look for Unopened Mail & Forgetfulness

Inspect the Kitchen & Walk Around the House

Observe Your Mom or Dad’s Social Life

Look for Increased Frailty & Other Physical Changes

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