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Public Education and Resources

Because Senior Living Residences has been at the forefront of innovative Assisted Living and Alzheimer’s care for over 25 years, we consider it a responsibility to educate our residents and their families, and the general public, on issues related to aging and wellness for seniors and their caregivers. 

Public Education for Seniors and their Families

We offer a number of additional public education programs that take a deep dive into topics important to seniors and their caregivers. If you are interested in attending one of these presentations or workshops, call your local Senior Living Residences community for a schedule of programs, or email us!

  • Get Out of My Seat, You Can't Sit There! Recognizing and Responding to Senior Bullying
  • Paying for Assisted Living: Tools & Resources
  • Understanding Assisted Living
  • Understanding Memory Loss
  • Understanding Dementia in the Real World
  • Brain Healthy Cooking For One
  • Boosting Brain Healthy by Eating Well

Our onsite teams of experts will often bring our public education programs on the road. Look for our presentations and workshops at your local libraries, hospitals, senior centers and more!

AgeRight Resource Guide for Seniors, their Families and Caregivers, an evolution of our former AlzCareBlog, connects seniors, family members and caregivers with useful information on health, wellness and caregiving, as well as legal and financial issues related to aging. The site also serves as a resource on Alzheimer's disease and dementia offering access to leading academic, clinical and dementia care experts. Recognized as one of the top 10 national Alzheimer’s blogs, provides readers with a catalog of information about Alzheimer’s care, research and treatment options and offers a wealth of sharable information and tips for caregivers on wellness, nutrition and reducing stress. Learn More at or sign up for our AgeRight Newsletter.

Sharing Brain Healthy Cooking with Everyone

SLR's leadership includes a passion for increasing the public’s understanding of Alzheimer’s and promoting prevention through brain healthy nutrition. We conduct public education in a number of ways:

 If you are interested in arranging for a seminar on brain healthy cooking for your organization or group, please email

Dementia Friendly Communities

An integral part of our commitment to building Dementia Friendly Communities and forwarding this worldwide movement is our creation of public resources and education programs, including:

  • Resource Guide - A microsite dedicated to providing tools and materials to help cities, towns, companies and organizations become Dementia Friendly.
  • The Dementia Experience - An interactive sensitivity training that allows participants to walk in the shoes of someone with dementia as they go through their daily life. This program is aimed at building empathy and understanding and discusses how dementia affects individuals and their caregivers, as well as the impact of the stigma of dementia on our general society.
  • Understanding Dementia in the Real World - This presentation discusses common misconceptions of dementia, what it is and is not dementia, and provides tips and role playing activities for participants to practice "dementia-friendly" communication skills.
  • Access to Current Research Studies and Clinical Trials - We encourage anyone who is interested in forwarding dementia and Alzheimer's research to get involved. We often host presentations from the Boston University Alzheimer's Disease Center on the benefits of research participation. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed of upcoming programs and visit the BUADC website for more on their current studies.

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