What Services Can Assisted Living Provide


Answers to the Top 13 Questions People Have about Assisted Living Services

People often ask us what assisted living communities “can and cannot do”. The services that a specific assisted living community can provide depends upon what state it is located in. Some state regulations allow assisted living communities to provide a wide variety of skilled nursing and other enhanced services, while others do not allow skilled nursing services at all. In this ebook, we address your most pressing questions and concerns:

  • What is the range of services assisted living provides for seniors as they age in place?
  • What types of needs require a higher level of care that an assisted living community cannot provide?
  • Is assisted living just an interim step to a nursing home?
  • Will my loved one be able to stay in their assisted living home receiving additional services if their health declines, even through the end of their life?
  • And more…

Answers to the top-asked questions about assisted living services

  1. Does assisted living provide help with dressing and showering?
  2. Can my Mom get help managing her medications in an assisted living community?
  3. Can meals in an assisted living community be tailored to a resident’s specific dietary needs, restrictions, or special requests?
  4. My Dad uses a wheelchair. Can he live in an assisted living community?
  5. >My Dad has multiple chronic conditions, including high blood pressure, arthritis and kidney disease. Can he live in assisted living?
  6. My Mom is a diabetic and needs insulin shots. Can a nurse at an assisted living community give her the shots?

And more…