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A Checklist For Families Considering Assisted Living

Some seniors and their families agonize over whether to move out of a beloved home to an assisted living community while others embrace the opportunity to set up a new home, make new friends, and stop bothering with cooking and cleaning. For most the decision to move is based on the realization that Mom or Dad could use a little extra help and would benefit from a wide array of individualized services, including personal care, medication monitoring and healthy meals, as well as new social outlets to combat the isolation they experience living at home alone. 

When is it time for Assisted Living?

If you answer “yes” to four or more of the questions on our CHECKLIST, senior living might be the perfect next step for your loved one.

If you answer yes to only a few of these questions, senior living may still be a great choice. Moving to a senior community does not mean a loss of independence. Quite the contrary. Our goal is to maximize your loved one's independence within an environment which provides them with choices, celebrates their individuality, and allows them to thrive.

  • Are they struggling with housework, yard work and home repairs on their own?
  • Is your loved one finding it difficult to shower and bathe regularly without help? Are you worried about their safety in the tub or shower?
  • Are you afraid that your Mom or Dad is at risk of falling? Have they fallen recently? Have you noticed a change in their walking, mobility or balance?
  • Has your loved one fallen behind on bills? Is old mail piling up?
  • Are they unable to schedule and drive to regular medical appointments?
  • Does your Mom or Dad sometimes forget to take their medications?
  • Are they unable to cook proper nutritious meals?
  • Are they having difficulty maintaining a healthy weight and getting some form of exercise?
  • Do you worry about your loved one’s safety when they are alone? Do you worry if you can’t reach them by phone?
  • Does your Mom or Dad find it difficult to maintain a social life? Do they make excuses about why they don’t participate with friends or engage in social events or church activities?
  • Do you think your loved one feels isolated, lonely or bored? Does he or she seem to be withdrawn, fearful or depressed?
  • Has your loved one’s driving ability diminished? Are there issues with low vision, physical limitations or early memory loss which could affect their driving?
  • Has your loved one recently been hospitalized? Are you concerned about them continuing their recovery at home alone?

If you and your parent does make the move to a senior living living, your Mom or Dad will enjoy a safe, comfortable, social lifestyle and you will spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your time together as you visit! Share this downloadable version of our Checklist for Families Considering Assisted Living.

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