Ignite Your Passion to Learn and Explore with Our Grab Your Passport Program

Grab Your Passport! days are a collaboration between staff and residents that encompasses education, entertainment, great food and lots of energy. This innovative travel program was developed by Senior Living Residences as a way to connect residents to the greater world around them by spending one day each month virtually traveling to another country or city to explore the history, art, music, sightseeing venues, and cuisine of that destination.

On Grab Your Passport! days, residents wake up to find their community transformed — from decorated common spaces to staff dressed in authentic cultural costumes to traditional music playing throughout. From the rolling hills of Ireland to the Southern coast of Italy, to the sunny beaches of Hawaii, residents are immersed in the various cultures, cuisine and traditions of that month’s destination through a variety of hands-on experiences, multimodal learning programs and, of course, lots of discussions and reminiscing as residents share stories, artifacts, family recipes, and photos from their own travels. 

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