Pet Friendly Assisted Living

What does pet friendly Assisted Living mean?

At Senior Living Residences, we are pleased to call ourselves pet friendly. We understand how long-loved pets are like family and seniors are loathe to leave them behind when making the move to an assisted living community. We also know first-hand the enormous benefits that pet ownership brings to people of all ages, with special benefits for older individuals.

You are welcome to bring your own pet that you care for yourself at all but three of our assisted living communities. Click here for a list showing you which of our communities allow pets. Our communities also feature popular pet therapy programs so that all of our residents can enjoy interacting with a variety of cuddly animals.

Our furry friends offer many benefits for seniors. Petting a dog or cat promotes a feeling of calmness, soothes anxiety, eases pain and lowers blood pressure. Taking care of a beloved pet increases mobility, independence and feelings of purpose. And best yet – the unconditional love, affection and companionship of a pet promotes overall well-being and happiness!

Here is your Guide to all things “PETS” at a Senior Living Residences community:

Are pets allowed in an SLR assisted living community?

YES. We welcome your furry friends, and animals of other kinds, as well. A cat or small dog (under 50 pounds) may be permitted. Caged pets such as birds and gerbils, and aquarium pets are permitted but must be kept caged.

Does assisted living allow service animals or guide dogs?

YES. Guide dogs and other service animals that assist handicapped individuals are allowed to live with you at our assisted living communities.

Are dogs allowed in assisted living?

YES, but most assisted living communities have requirements and some restrictions. At an SLR community, our Pet Agreement lays out all the details. The most important requirements are that your dog or cat must be licensed, neutered/spayed, and have up-to-date vaccinations. Also, your dog must be under 50 pounds.

What restrictions are there?

There are some important restrictions on having a pet live with you that SLR has in place in consideration of other residents and visitors to our communities. We cannot allow a pet that is noisy or demonstrates aggressive behavior. Seniors moving into a shared companion suite cannot bring a pet. And, pet owners are required to maintain proper cleanliness at all times.

Will my dog or cat be allowed outside of my apartment?

YES. Your dog or cat must be on a leash and under control at all times when they are in the community, but they are not permitted in the dining room or kitchen areas.

What happens if I get sick and can’t take care of my pet?

At SLR, when you sign our Pet Agreement prior to moving in, you will identify an alternate “pet caretaker” (usually a son or daughter) who can accept immediate responsibility for the care of your pet in the event of your illness or incapacity to care for it.

What is pet therapy for seniors? And do you offer it?

YES, we do offer pet therapy. The health benefits of pet visits for the elderly are well documented and all of our communities work with local pet therapy programs to bring well-behaved and affectionate cats, dogs and other animals for visits with residents who love to cuddle with them! Pet therapy has been shown to improve appetite, social interaction, brain stimulation, and tactile activity, especially among those with memory loss.

Pet friendly assisted living and pet therapy programs bring joy to seniors!

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