Mild Cognitive Impairment: The Facts

At Senior Living Residences we have 30 years’ experience working with seniors with varying stages of memory loss – from the simple forgetfulness of normal aging, to Mild Cognitive Impairment where subtle but measurable symptoms of cognitive decline start to appear, to diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease.

We understand how the diagnosis and subsequent fear of cognitive decline impacts individuals and families. Many of us at Senior Living Residences have dealt with this in our own lives with loved ones coping with memory loss. Being armed with information and facts is one way to deal with this process in a more productive and hopeful way. That’s why we have created this Guide to Mild Cognitive Impairment. (You may also be interested in our Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease).

This collection of informative articles and FAQs can serve as a starting point and will answer many of your basic questions about early memory loss and Mild Cognitive Impairment. The information is a compilation from various sources, including resources we consider among the best at providing easy-to-understand information about complex medical issues – The Alzheimer’s Association and the Mayo Clinic.

Please peruse the articles and follow up with any of our Executive Directors should you have additional questions.

This guide is updated often based on your input! Email us your suggestions.

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