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Facilitation by Hillary Tarr from Standish Village and Paul Fuller from Senior Living Residences


Facilitated by Julie Waniewski from Armbrook Village and Olivia Korpi from Cornerstone at Hampton


Facilitated by Leeanne Venuti from Heights Crossing and Christine Lappas from Senior Living Residences

Boost Your Brain Health by Eating Well

Thursday, Febrary 25th

A virtual continuing education course, presented by the Training Team at Senior Living Residences

There is no question that eating a diet rich in brain healthy foods can benefit people at any and every age. It reduces inflammation, regulates blood sugar, promotes heart health and scientists are now finding it may have an effect on delaying the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Hear why making more healthful and mindful food choices can benefit you and learn how you can cook “brain healthy” at home. 

Through this presentation, participants will:

  • The connections between diet & cognitive health how diet is related to the top risk factors for Alzheimer’s
  • The brain boosting effects of the Mediterranean Diet
  • Brain Healthy eating (and cooking) at home
  • Better ingredient choices – brain healthy food substitutions
  • How herbs & spices contribute to brain health
  • The effects of Omega-3 on the body
  • The scientific truth behind those popular media stories boasting the benefits of foods including chocolate, coffee and coconut oil
  • Alcohol and Alzheimer’s
  • The impact of being social, music, exercise and intellectual stimulation on the brain

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