ConnectedLIFE: Promoting Confidence & Independence, Slowing the Progression of Memory Loss

At Senior Living Residences, we put our 25-year history of experience and innovation in Alzheimer’s care into our new Compass Memory Support program, ConnectedLIFE. This open campus memory support program supports individuals living in our traditional Assisted Living communities who are experiencing early dementia, Mild Cognitive Impairment or related cognitive issues to help them maintain their independence.

The benefits to residents participating in this program are enormous. For the person with early dementia or memory loss life can be downright frightening and embarrassing. They feel confused and self-isolate. They often believe that no one else is in the same situation or feels like they do. In our ConnectedLIFE program, these individuals feel safe, supported and valued within our intimate program. They are with a small select group of their peers, a social group who completely understands their diagnosis because they are living with memory loss themselves.

ConnectedLIFE has all of the elements of our unique evidence-based Compass Memory Support® programming, which has been revised to meet the needs of higher functioning adults who don't need a secure environment. Residents have extra support, structure and guidance, yet they remain independent. They are fully involved in community life, participating in a robust educationally-based immersive program with a full calendar of activities. They enjoy unique creative arts and music programs. Yes, these residents are working with a deficit, but we are not focused on it. Instead we are all focused on happy, engaged, self-confident living.