Receives Honor

Companion Site To Brain Healthy Cooking Program Is Recognized For Its Appeal To Senior Audiences

BOSTON, MA; January 13, 2014 – Boston-based Senior Living Residences isn’t called the “Right Values Company” without reason.

The company’s dedication to advancing Alzheimer’s disease research and their commitment to providing quality care for those living with memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias has led to the construction of an award-winning website designed to provide research, information and culinary guidance on brain-boosting foods,

“Although there is no current treatment proven to cure Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, a growing body of scientific research shows a clear connection between specific foods and spices and overall brain health,” says Tadd Clelland, Partner at Senior Living Residences (SLR). “We now know that “brain healthy” eating can provide protective body and brain health benefits for people of any age.”

“ is targeted toward anyone who eats!” says Lee Larkin, SLR’s Director of Marketing. “The site’s main offerings are the unique and healthful recipes created by our communities’ executive chefs. In addition, the site features cooking videos, nutrition tips to help readers eat healthy at any age, and free samples of Senior Living Residences’ “Spice of Life” salt-substitute which promotes brain health. The site also offers the latest scientific research linking specific foods and spices to enhanced cognitive function.” was a two-time winner in the 22nd annual National Mature Media Awards Program, winning a Gold Award for the overall site itself and a merit award for the site’s unique logo.

“The Brain Healthy Cooking logo needed to convey culinary expertise while describing a distinct program designed to improve cognitive function for people of any age through a flavorful, healthful diet,” says Lee. “Our design accomplishes this by using an adorable little chef with a degree!”

The National Mature Media Awards Program is presented by the Mature Market Resource Center, a national clearinghouse for the senior market, recognizing the nation’s finest marketing, communications, educational materials, and programs designed and produced for older adults.

“We are very happy to see get more recognition” says Clelland. “ is the website companion to our Brain Healthy Cooking Program, which is offered at all of our assisted living and Alzheimer’s care communities. All of our residents benefit from a diet rich in “brain healthy foods” including nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, whole grains, specific spices and nuts, and omega-three fatty acids. The bonus is that it is not only healthful, it’s really tasty too!”

Senior Living Residences is committed to advancing public knowledge and understanding about Alzheimer’s disease. This year, SLR was also the recipient of the National Health Information Awards Bronze award in Health Promotion for their overall Alzheimer’s disease Information Program, of which is a major part.