Updated May 2023

How we handle cases of coronavirus at SLR communities

Our Protocol for Handling Resident Cases

  • If a resident exhibits Covid symptoms we work closely with the resident on their symptom management which includes working with their family and PCP as applicable. We follow any physician’s directions and residents’ requests with respect to emergency room visits, hospitalization, Covid-19 testing, and care.  
  • If a resident’s physician or a hospital confirms the presence of Covid or other viral illnesses, the resident is treated in accordance with their direction and the community’s infection control guidelines. Personnel providing care will use Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”) including a gown, mask, gloves, and other supplies if applicable.

Our Protocol for Handling Associate Cases

  • All associates who are not feeling well are encouraged to refrain from coming to work.
  • If an associate has an elevated temperature or exhibits any symptoms of Covid or other illness, we send them home and urge them to see their healthcare provider to determine their next steps.
  • If an associate has a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19, we are following both state and CDC guidelines on when healthcare personnel are allowed to return to work.

Universal Infection Control


We conduct regular training sessions to educate employees on Covid-19 and other communicable diseases including symptoms, transmission, prevention measures, and the organization’s infection control policies.

We provide clear guidelines on proper hand hygiene, correct use of PPE, and other relevant topics.

Hygiene Practices

We promote regular and proper hand hygiene among all individuals entering our communities. Handwashing areas and/or hand sanitizers are located in easily accessible locations throughout the premises. We do display clear instructions for handwashing techniques and proper use of hand sanitizers.

Individuals are encouraged to cover their mouth and nose with a tissue or elbow when coughing or sneezing and provide proper disposal facilities for used tissues.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Communities use infection control practices to limit the risk and transmission of respiratory illness. Therefore the type of PPE used is based on the needs of the residents in our communities. 

  • Standard universal precautions and PPE use (such as gloves) should be used at all times when providing care and assistance to residents. 
  • Higher levels of PPE should be used when,
    • A resident is symptomatic of a communicable disease;
    • A resident confirmed to have a communicable disease;
    • A resident is determined to be severely immunocompromised;
    • If the general community, or a specific area of the community (such as in the memory support neighborhood), is experiencing a communicable disease

Associates are provided with appropriate PPE and are trained on the correct usage, fit, and disposal of PPE.

Physical Distancing, Dining & Programming

In accordance with our infection control procedures, should there be a confirmed or presumed illness, the community may temporarily adjust programming and/or dining service such as by suggesting residents eat in their apartment, if they prefer and are able to do so without interruption to their individual needs and preferences. If there is a more widespread illness, the community may be instructed by their local board of health to temporarily adjust community activities such as programming, dining, or group functions.

Temporarily implement additional seating options to minimize the number of residents in the dining room. Any resident confirmed or presumed positive of communicable disease should refrain from communal dining and programming if they can. (During this time, all meals can be delivered to the resident’s apartment at no additional cost.) 

Cleaning and Disinfection

Our communities have an established routine cleaning and disinfection protocol for all areas of the community, focusing on frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, and shared equipment. We use EPA-approved disinfectants and follow manufacturer instructions for proper use. We provide cleaning supplies and hand sanitizers for employees to maintain cleanliness in their immediate work areas.

Credible Coronavirus Information & Resources