Boston University Alzheimer’s Disease Center

Boston University Alzheimers Disease Center: Putting Alzheimer’s Research Into Action

Our forward-looking approach to treatment programs for Alzheimer’s care led Senior Living Residences to a formal affiliation with the Boston University Alzheimer’s Disease Center (BUADC), whose mission is to be on the cutting edge of research, clinical care and education related to dementia. The BUADC, one of only 29 Alzheimer’s research centers in the U.S. funded by the National Institutes of Health, conducts clinical trials and studies for promising drugs and easier, more cost-effective ways to diagnose Alzheimer’s. Many other studies focus on the risk factors and progression of the disease.

Our affiliation provides Senior Living Residences’ Communities, our Compass Memory Support Neighborhoods®, our residents and their families, and our local communities with special access to nationally acclaimed Alzheimer’s research professionals.

SLR and all of our Assisted Living Communities and Compass Memory Support Neighborhoods® actively support the BUADC through monetary contributions and joint fundraising activities, as well as by conducting an active outreach and education program among SLR residents and their families, and the general public, in an effort to boost BUADC’s research participant recruitment efforts.

Additionally, our affiliation with Boston University Alzheimer’s Disease Center provides:

Education and Training for our Staff

BUADC clinicians and faculty provide in-service professional training for SLR’s management and caregiving staff, and provide direct support and consultation to our Compass Memory Support Program Directors.

Review and Input to Enhance our Treatment Programs

The BUADC shares their research and clinical findings with SLR and provides valuable input during the development phase of our innovative programming efforts. Learn more about how SLR treats the symptoms of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), Alzheimer’s disease, and related dementia.

Clinical Consultations to Reduce Resident Hospitalizations

In an effort to provide top notch care and avoid hospitalizations of our residents, a BUADC clinician conducts “Grand Rounds” via conference calls with our Compass Memory Support Program Directors to develop plans to reduce resident behaviors that may otherwise lead to a hospitalization.

Access to Clinical Evaluations for Residents

Residents in SLR communities can be referred to BUADC clinicians who provide complete clinical evaluations of seniors with MCI or Alzheimer’s disease, as well as treatment plans and continued support in the BUADC’s clinical setting. Residents who participate in research studies receive extensive testing (for free) to diagnose whether they have MCI, Alzheimer’s, or no dementia-related symptoms.

Access to Cutting-Edge Research Studies for our Residents and Their Families

SLR residents and their families gain easy access to the BUADC’s research program and the opportunity to participate in a variety of clinical research studies, including trials of promising drug treatments and the latest diagnostic brain imaging scans.

Studies are all open to the general public.
Learn more about the BUADC’s exciting research program and how you can get involved.

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