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EnrichedLIFE at Our Assisted Living Communities

The pursuit of knowledge and enrichment is at the core of our EnrichedLIFE program.

Our research-based lifelong learning, arts, music, fitness and nutrition programs help seniors stay sharp, social and independent. We offer programs and experiences that inspire seniors to continue the activities and hobbies they enjoy and to try something new. 

We also know that sometimes the best days revolve around simple pleasures like taking a walk outdoors, visiting with family, or reading snuggled up in a blanket. Although the possibilities are endless at Senior Living Residences’ assisted living communities, how you decide to spend your day is your choice.

Programs for Lifelong Learners


Pursuing Art

If art is your passion or just a pleasant pastime, we are knee deep in the arts! Music, drama, poetry, concerts, chorus, museum visits, painting, quilting, ceramics, and more.

Getting Connected to Technology

Are you interested in setting up a facebook page to keep in touch with the grandkids?

We offer group computer instruction and one-on-one assistance with email, facebook, internet searches and Skype!


Staying Fit

Our communities offer a variety of exercise classes and fitness programs designed especially for seniors that focus on joint health, brain function and whole body wellness. Residents can choose from classes tailored to their communities interests that may include strength training, dance, yoga, tai chi, chair aerobics, cardiovascular cross training, walking clubs and more!


We know that the desire to have purpose and to give back has no age limit.

Residents in our communities stay engaged in volunteer and charitable activities. 

Learn more about one group of knitters!


During the nice weather we plant and tend outdoor beds and all year long we have flower arranging classes.

Having Fun

Sometimes you just want to kick back, relax and have a good time. We offer plenty of opportunities to socialize and enjoy yourself during our popular Grab Your Passport travel destination days, parties and seasonal events and trivia nights. We showcase some terrific live musical entertainment and a variety of movies. Residents also get together in smaller groups around shared interests in bridge, poker, bingo and word games, to name a few! 

Nourishing Your Spiritual Life

At our communities we are sensitive to providing opportunities for spiritual enrichment according to the religious traditions of residents. We coordinate with local places of worship to offer on-site religious services, clergy visits, bible study, discussion groups and meditation.


Exercising Your Brain

We couldn't agree more. That's why we incorporate learning into most of our programs. Our popular Grab Your Passport travel days include Destination Education. Our Fitness Program features overall wellness education. We also created our own Discovery Lecture Series where we introduce a new topic every week of the year. Through presentations, photography, music, language and cuisine we explore the world around us and learn something new every day -- from baseball to space to politics to the hummingbird. The topics, the discussions, the trivia, the experiences -- all for the love of learning!

Ignite Your Passion to Learn and Explore with Our Grab Your Passport! Program

Grab Your Passport! days are a collaboration between staff and residents that encompasses education, entertainment, great food and lots of energy! This innovative travel program was developed by Senior Living Residences as a way to connect residents to the greater world around them by spending one day each month virtually traveling to an exotic country or city to explore the history, art, music, sightseeing venues, and cuisine of that destination. On Grab Your Passport! days, residents wake up to find their community transformed into that month’s destination -- from decorated common spaces to staff dressed in authentic cultural costumes to customary music playing throughout the community. From the rolling hills of Ireland to the Southern coast of Italy, to the sunny beaches of Hawaii, residents are immersed in the various cultures, cuisine and traditions of that month’s destination through a variety of hands-on experiences, multimodal learning programs and, of course, lots of discussions and reminiscing as residents share stories, artifacts, family recipes, and photos from their own travels. 

Residents and families tell us that access to transportation is one of the amenities they like best about living in one of our communities. Our limo buses get you where you want to go: Sightseeing tours, cultural events, dining out, shopping excursions and much more!

Dining With Friends

Enjoy the company of friends for a fine-dining experience featuring menu variety, fresh healthy foods, and an Executive Chef with years of culinary experience who prepares your meals. An added bonus is our emphasis on incorporating delicious taste-tested brain healthy recipes into our menu choices through our award-winning Brain Healthy Cooking Program. We also provide catering for special dinners and celebrations with your family and friends in our private dining room.